Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's Today...

Yes, flying back to KK today's evening. I will keep this entry simple and short. I've got nothing more to say except that I'm FLYING BACK HOME! The word HOME is enough to describe how I feel. Nothing beats the word HOME :)

Gosh, I hope that my luggage will not rompak me out of my wallet! Every time I glance at my barang-barang, they always make me cringe! 

So, adios KL. It's been fun while it lasts..


  1. welkam home.. kk selalu hujan ni kalo petang.. so bawa payung sedia dari kl aa :)

  2. Bah, since Mimi's in KK now too..let's go out for coffee.

  3. Welcome Home moi! I am actually back in KK too for uncertain duration.. Let me know if you want to go for a drink or something! Cheers!

  4. wah moi..sorry. i haven't got the time to reaaaaaally check my bloggie/FB. So busy, tired and irritated. sampai sa kena attack flu ba this..not feeling well. I have to force myself to move around, kalo tidak..abis la.


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