Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Adios to my old room

Thanks for sheltering me for the past 7 months, albeit it's a bit of a love-hate relationship. Of course, I'll miss having all those 'kitchens' just  a few stairs down but that's okay because I'm now currently on a mission of getting my old shape/weight back after heaping on those extra kgs and adding extra love handles. Ha!

Packing up was easy because most of my stuffs are either still inside boxes or my big luggage! I didn't bother to unpack, I just fished out whatever clothes that I'd be wearing that day and with some quick ironing, voila, I was ready to go! That's the sum of my 7 months life with you. Nah, I ain't gonna miss you.

To tell you the truth, dear old room, your replacement is much better. Much more airy and spacey, enough for two persons. I'm also given free reins to invite whomever I like with no extra charges! I mean, how cool is that? It's even closer to my sister's house, that I could just holler out her name. My new room of course is still in a mess now, what with all those barang2 but once they're sorted out, it's gonna be good. Well, it could use a new coat of paint though because I don't really fancy the current one. Not really into that orangy-peachy combo. I prefer the shades of soft lilac..

So, adios my old room. You have served me well but no, I've always known that we won't be together for long.


  1. Where did you move to moi? Enjoy decorating your new room..

  2. Moi,
    I've moved opposites my sister's house. Just across the road (from my old place) actually. LOL, it's still within 'sebrang jalan' from all those tantalizing 'kithens'
    decorating my room - will be doing that maybe in stages, after I'm settled :)

  3. oh masi sana2 juga la kan? that means masi senang mau cari ko hehehe

  4. ya ba moi. masi sini2 juga la. sebrang jalan jak from my old place :)

  5. Yay! Finally! Let's have a toast moi :) Have fun settling down and decorating the new shack!

  6. just finished sweeping and mopping, rearranging the furnitures! I'm gonna start with painting maybe after my balik kampung. Hehehehe..starting the new year with a new fresh coat of paint!


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