Saturday, December 4, 2010

I'm in Christmas spirit..

..and I love December!

My hols will start from Dec 24th 2010 until Jan 3rd, 2011!

Balik kampung will be the main agenda.

Methinks, there goes my diet plan, what with all those makanan kampung! who can tahan from indulging oneself from those delicious makanan? Will I ever be back to my original/ideal weight??

Meantimes, I am this excited:

Donning that Santa's hat, which I have put one in my office. Gonna start wearing it around the office, next Monday onwards! :)

Ooo..Christsmas Tree @ 1Borneo Hypermall, KK.  Just couldn't tahan myself not to pose in front of it. Hey, everyone is also doing the same.. hehehe :P

Til next post.. I think it's gonna be about this:



  1. Aww Ennie, you look so cute! Hehehe...And I can't wait to read the "what's in your bag" entry!

  2. omg, my previous handbag was almost like urs too, siap with the duckie chain lagi...but i stuffed too many things inside smpai dia pnya hayat tia pun smpao 1 year. hehehe

  3. Lizee, hehehehe..thanks :) akhirnya, my bag akan kena strip naked juga tu..

    carol, iya ka moi? I love that little duckie chain and of course the shoulder strap pun siuk! bulih kasi pendek/panjang and great color too.

  4. Reminds me, I need one Santa Hat to wear at the office too :D

  5. Tom, you should! Lol, I won't give a damn even if my colleagues start giving me the eye..

  6. I did pose in front of the big Xmas tree too, with a bunch of students! Ko bayangkan.. Hehe..

  7. Annie..hehehehe..I know right! Mmg senang utk dibayangkan :P

  8. wow! been a while since i masuk blogsphere, and now am reading all blogs entry that I've missed.ehehe, which explains why I am reading your pre Christmas entry!

    that hugh nutcracker reminded me of Nutcrackers in Bellagio, Las was huge!


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