Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Can I Wear a Maxi Dress??

Well, the fashion police dictates:

"Midget women, you look like shit wearing maxi dresses"

Ok, like I give a damn.  I know, I'm a rebel. As a woman, I don't follow most of these fashion police advices.  I wear what I like, I'm confident with what I'm wearing and best of all, I feel happy wearing it.  However, I pretty much agree with this: Wear the clothes, instead of letting them wear you!

As vain as I am, of course I don't want to look stupid  or clownish. Or ended up captioned with "this woman should be put under house arrest for stepping out of the house looking like that!"  Well, if I'm Helena Bonham Carter, it'll be a different story all together.  She practically makes kooky as her patented trademarks and she's rocking it like nobody's business!

Back to maxi dresses, yes, I am a midget.  My height barely reached 5ft. Hence, the constant bingeing for high heels shoes.  About a week ago, I window shopped and I saw this bohemian style flowy maxi dress. At first, the 'midget mantra' warned me 'that dress is off-limit'! So, I hurried my steps heart said:  eee, cantik ba tu dress tu. Try dulu ba..kalau nda ngam, nda payah beli. Try dulu la..bukan ko rugi apa-apa"  So, I retracted my steps, entered the shop, pulled the dress out of the hanger and walked directly inside the fitting room. Aaaaannnd, I liked what I saw in the mirror. Ignoring the 'midget mantra' I bought the dress! Aaaaand, I ended up entering one of my favourite hunting ground for shoes: VINCCI and saw this nice strappy sandals and said to myself, "wow, they go well with my newly purchased dress"

So, here's my midget-self, working my maxi dress, plus the strappy sandals.. yes, these are my 'gambar perasan...'


with my cousin and little sister

Yep, midget or not, be confident of your outfit. Rock it and screw faux pas!


  1. You dont look anything that screamed faux pas with that maxi dress lah moi. That proves confidence begets whatever is not. Like I said in FB, whatever that feels right on you is right on you lah kan.

  2. I love maxi dress too but I haven't got one for myself. yep, i'm afraid that it doesn't suit me since I fall in midget category too. but you're right, we must be confident with our outfit! so yea, one day I'll get mine. :)

    oh btw, you look great with that dress + the strappy sandals. =)

  3. ok pun tu....if ur slim build ok ba...chubby like me cannot lah..nanti urang bilang pregnant hahahaha

  4. Moi, a dress is a dress... maxi or not should be worn by a woman who feels confident about wearing it! You totally rocked it!

  5. Ladies, your comments echoed my thoughts! Betul la ba kan..

    Deanona, hehehe..i fell in love at first sight with those pairs also (strappy sandals) :) and you should try it

  6. You can tell the fashion police to shove it...Every piece fits FABULOUSLY! p/s: i'd like to own a maxi dress too...but seems like all the dresses make me look like im preggo -yuck.

  7. Manda, me too. I think it has something to do with the material mangkali. some of the maxi dresses I i've tried before pun ada yg bikin sya nampak mcm preggo!

  8. I'm pindik, I have maxi dress and I'm so confident in it.. So screw it, FP!

  9. hahahaha! Annie, so funny and your sentence is sooo sexy. Let's rock it.. :)

  10. I think the girls have said it all moi. If it makes you happy so what! Kan? Plus you look gorgeous in it xxx

  11. Lizee, ditto! thanks for the compliment :)


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