Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Leonne Liew to the world and yes, I'm a completely besotted aunt!

Yes, she's my newborn niece and let's say her arrival was pretty much anticipated. She's my mama's first granddaughter. We too have two boys, gifts from my eldest sister.  It took about 3 days before she opened her eyes for the first time to the light bulb of the hospital operating theater! She was delivered via C-section due to her refusal of going through the natural birth canal. My sister told me, those 3 days were the longest wait ever and she felt like wanting to crawl on the hospital walls - not because of the pain she's experiencing but because she was impatient for the baby's arrival! I was like..

Me: 'Oyyy, brapa cm suda skarang?'

Sis: 'Heeessshhh, baaaru 2cm duktur bilang

Me: 'aduiii..bah, keep me posted la..'

Sis: 'Malas sa, balik-balik VE. Nda suka, padih. Yang conduct VE pun doktor pelatih. Panat suda ni duduk di hospital'

On the fourth day, approximately at 3.00pm, my sister called me up. She told me that it's now 4cm and she's to be sent to the labour room. At 1am, the baby's crown was already coming out but the birth canal refused to co-operate. So, the doctor had no other choice but performed the dreaded C-section. The baby came out weighing 3.2kgs. Hallelujah! Upon hearing the news, my first sentence was:

'Bah, macam mana la? Si baby nda itam? Kopi tu kan ko punya minuman rasmi time preggie'

Sis: "Ai..nasib baik nda juga. Sa bimbang suda itam si baby tapi nda juga"

I guess the nonsense about drinking black coffee during pregnancies will begets you dark-skinned babies are untrue. 

She's now about 3 weeks old and the proud parents are preparing for the Chinese tradition of "Full Moon Party" just in time for the Chap Goh Mei, where my sister will  finally be freed from those dreaded pantangs! Yes, the baby is of mixed parentage. The dad is pure Chinese and my sister is a Dusun. Hence, the 10,000 pantangs! 

Latest pictures:

Sooo chubby kan, her cheeks! Yes, the little angel is gonna be a heartbreaker.. :-)


  1. yabah, punya chubby the cheeks! macam kui pau!
    congrats to you too aunty ennie...first niece in the family, woohoo!

  2. hehehe..yes, first. makin hari makin chubby pipi dia. geram betul!

  3. geramnya tengok pipi dia!..
    congrats on being an aunt for a niece..ehe

  4. Yep, she's getting bigger each day. I feel like wanting to put her in my pocket and carry her around!


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