Friday, February 18, 2011

Inky Piggy..

After the outrage over  magician's synchronised fish TV Show  in China, now comes the inky piggy controversy! Man, the Chinese really know how to put their country on the map. Take this news for instance: A farm in China took  it to this great length of decorating their pigs in tattoo! This, of course has risen the hackles of animal rights activists! I mean,'s a common practice for farmers to brand their livestock but tattoo?  This is pushing it too far..

Inky piggies pics:

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I'm of course a human carnivore but poor piggies..tattooed, then  slaughter house...


  1. Anihhh.. Poor piggies. Sakit baitu kena tattoo. If they're inked for labeling purpose sa paham juga la.. But inked like this? (-_-')

    1. Not to mention those poor cats/dogs yang kena slaughter untuk dijadikan menu di restoran mereka. yiiiihhhh...!

  2. I dont condone to this. The piggy is meant for eating, so let it be done for eating. Not for the sake of art or whatever they call it doing tattoo on pigs. Hishhh...

  3. they look like those old tattooed bikers that...turned into pigs! but yeah, don't the pigs squeal in pain as they are tattoed? still, if it doesn't hurt, it is still unnatural. like dogs being dyed to look like pandas and tigers. and also im against doggy clothes. unnatural.

  4. Annie,
    itu la ba kan..for branding tia pa. tapi...

    Maybe those extremely artistic ppl have ran out of idea for muses..gila la ba tu..mcm mental!

    Yep. macam those truckers and bikers with greasy hair and vests, ugly butt-cracks and ugly tattoos kan? I wonder how many dose of anesthetic the gave for every piggy..

  5. just because they're food, they're treated like that? such inhumane....

    some human nowadays,seriously has nothing better to do with their life.

  6. itu la is food and art is art..if you're making art with vegetables kira ok lagi tapi..adessshhh..kesian that piggy

  7. That's just SICK! Teda kerja suda ni orang semua.

  8. That's awesome i want one of those pigs


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