Monday, July 4, 2011

Kota Kinabalu Food Fest 2011

It's the inaugural debut, bringing you a tasty turn of events (this year's theme)

As I am a foodie lover, this event is just what I need and I believe KK folks would love this too! This is also a good opportunity for the outside visitors to sample the fusion of local and international fares! Tempting, right?

Let me share the goodies with you! After all, sharing is caring, no? :P

Source from the organizer's website :

Welcome to Kota Kinabalu Food Festival

Kota Kinabalu's first food festival makes its inaugural debut from 9th July 2011 (Saturday) to  22nd July 2011 (Friday).  Appropriately themed “A Tasty Turn of Events”, the KK Food Fest is a 2 week showcase of Food & Beverage establishments in and around Kota Kinabalu.

Organized by Malaysia's first premier online lifestyle magazine,,the crux of the KK Food Fest is to discover and promote varied dining options in our city, catering not only to dedicated gourmands, but also to those of us who are very simply foodies at heart.

The KK Food Fest encourages delicious experimenting by way of a specially designed “Festival Menu” - available only throughout the duration of the festival. Diners will be able to enjoy  unique  offerings from participating establishments in this first-of-its-kind event.

The KK Food Fest culminates in a Food Fest Finale which will be hosted on the final day of the festival to celebrate the diversity of our city's food heritage. This main crowd puller of the festival brings with it a fun and relaxed feel. Marry this with stellar entertainment and you've got all the ingredients for an appetizing evening to remember. Participants of the KK Food Fest include restaurants, lounges and bars attached to hotels, stand alone F&B outlets, qualified chain eateries, as well as gourmet food products and wine suppliers.

KKFF Promotional Video 1

KKFF Promotional Video 2

For further info, drop a visit to

Gastronomy weeks, bring it on!


  1. look sedap owh this. will spend some time to attend this event

  2. Ya, definitely sedap! It's a race against the food galore! :)

  3. malas saaaa...time sa jalan la ada ni food fest!! uhuhuhu....

  4. Angel, wah..rugi juga tapi jalan2 pun seronok juga tu :)


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