Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Kaamatan 2013


Kaamatan (Harvest Fest)  is around the corner, again! We, Sabahans are celebrating it on May 30th-31st 2013. So, in light of this, I'd like to wish all my fellow Sabahans a very Happy Kaamatan Festival. Let's be merry but respectful to others. Drink responsibly and celebrate it with goodwill and friendship.

That's me and my cousin, donning our ethnic costumes, the Dusun Tinagas of Ranau :)

Mucho, mucho love from me.



  1. Owhh gini pula Dusun Tinagas pnya costume... bingung ba telmpau bnyk kan.. Happy Kaamatan moy!

    1. ya moi..gitu la tu hehehehe..Happy Kaamatan to you too :)

  2. Yes. Those are custom made. If complete with accessories and such, it can easily reach around RM20-30K! I'm not kidding.

  3. umandak...buli sy ambil kaini gambar kamu? sy mo kasi masuk dalam penyelidikan sy.


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