Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Cousin & Her Photoshoot "Who The Most Beautiful" Contest

Hello world!

In conjunction with the Tadau Kaamatan Festival in Sabah, one of our local photography studios has organized a contest titled, WHO THE MOST BEAUTIFUL. I've encouraged my lovely cousin to enter this contest. The rules of this contest are simple:

1. Photos are being published in the Studio's Facebook page at: Niems Photography Studio
2. Open the photo album: WHO THE MOST BEAUTIFUL
2. Photo that gets the most LIKES is considered as the winner
3. LIKES should be 'clicked'  at the Studio's own FB page and SHALL NOT be from other shared sources

So, Netizens, help me pretty please.. :)

This is my cousin:

To vote for her, kindly visit this link: My cousin, Dinah. She's the one wearing a high-cut/high-waisted jeans. Appreciated any LIKES from you guys.



  1. Naaahhh! Sudah sa like berabis :)
    P/s: I love your blog.

    1. Thank you! She won Miss Favourite :)

  2. cantiknya kazenmu ni.... memang sy sudah vote tu ya.

    1. Thanks moi..ya, dia mmg lawa. ramai peminat lagi. Dia menang Miss Favourite. Yg dapat tu yg paling kurus tu, part-time model kono2. Banyak networks bah tu hahahaa

  3. Update: She didn't win the coveted title, but she won Miss Popular.


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