Friday, May 24, 2013

My Cousin's First Tattsperience!

Well, that's her. At first, she was so scared and kept on asking me whether it's painful or not. I told her, well,   of course it is. A little but the finished product worth the pain.

So, armed with her preferred design, off we went to the tattoo parlour. At first, she's like gasping and asking the tattooist to stop like, every single minute. Then it stretched to 5 mins. Then she stopped, sitting quietly. I believe the pain became a dull ache and she told me: just take some pics, as a reminder of my first 'tattsperience'. An hour and 15 minutes later, that's the finished product. For a tattoo that size, they only charged RM80!  I believe their prices are pretty cheap compared to other tattoo parlours in KK! Oh hey, they are located at Inanam. As of now, she's quite happy with the result, even planning on adding another, possibly in future.

Me? Well, I've already got my own design and when I showed it to the tattooist, he said: Good design. For this, only RM100!

I'm adding another. Soon.


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