Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome 2010!

Ok, so this is my first entry for the year of 2010.

How was my new year countdown? it was fun, i guess. me and my fellow sabahan friend, Ray and a group of my KL friends celebrated it at the Republic Sunway. Sunway was jam packed, as expected. I had pasta for dinner at Italiannies, but couldn't finish it off. i forgot that the serving is quite big, big enough for two. so, half of it left untouched. What a waste of food..tsk tsk tsk.. in summary, my new year countdown was this:

friends+dinner+black label+tequila+dancing+mamak's = twas a fun night!

I’m not gonna make new resolutions list this year. I think I’m through making new resolutions list. What I’m hoping to get this year and hopefully the coming years, is good health and fortune for myself, families and friends. My mind is forever stamped with RM signs on it, and you can practically see the RM letters twinkling in my brown eyes, LOL! Bila la jadi kaya ni?? Actually, I think I’m turning into a little miss gold digger. hajiman, chamkamanyo! I’m not ‘that kind’ of a gold digger. I’m hoping to get RM through hard works, tears and grits ok. Not leeching out old-lonely-pervert rich men off their money! HAH! I love money, who doesn’t? the only thing that differentiates us, money-loving people is: how do we earn it. By honest means or dirty means? Well, choices are always in our own hands..
Hmmmm, that’s all for now. saranghamnida and happy new year 2010, my friends..

word glossaries (Hangul - Korean):
hajiman - but
chamkamanyo - wait a minute/moment

saranghamnida - i love you


  1. Happy new year! Someone's learning Korean? Good for you!

  2. LOL, mi.,want to learn japanese tapi mcm susah betul lidah sa mo ikut. hangul is easier on my tongue. hehehe..just want to learn the basic, manatau in the future dapat 'wandering' pigi korea :P


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