Friday, April 30, 2010

Hong Kong - March 25th -29th, 2009 (Part 1)

Well, it's like one year too late but I just want to share the pictures with friends. It was during late winter, rainy and foggy and wet but still memorable. I had a good time doing that 'wandering' with my bestie, Dee. Uhmm, some of the pictures are tacky (you know, you just can't stop having your pictures taken with the 'certain landmarks' on the background. In short, the pictures screamed I WAS HERE statement) LOL! Hey, I was a tourist, tourists are a bunch of camera-totting silly creatures. So, excuse me for the I WAS HERE pictures hehehe :P

me and my fellow Sabahan bestie, Dee.

lost in translation, Queen's Road Central

first day on arrival, headed straight to Happy Valley Stadium watching the 2009 HK 10's Rugby Championship

The stadium at Wan Chai district

with the Maori guy, Anthony. Imported player for Sabah's Borneo Eagle

Angelina Jolie was giving my bestie a cold shoulder treatment, The Peak

pathetic, I dare say.  The guy's a wax figure but again, I was just a silly tourist :P

two silly sumandaks, desperation made them to try to smooch a wax figure or maybe they were slightly unstable because of the high altitude effect?

26th March 2009, 16.48hrs, current temp was19 degree celsius

funny notice inside the airport coach bus..

Nathan Road, Kowloon

Li Yuen St, Queen's Road Central

fancy a mask?

Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station

in Kowloon to check out the night markets

Ladies' Market, Kowloon

a selection of pretty and cute pocket mirrors

My bestie, all teeth :)

want a naughty love play costumes? how about elephant's trunk undergarments? LOL, and no, I didn't buy any :-)


waiting for the airport coach bus...

inside the plane, flying back to KL

Coming soon...Part 2


  1. Love the photos! Oh and you look like pelakon Hong Kong oh, esp pic 7 hehehe. Looks like a LOT of fun too. Was the shopping good?

  2. thanks. I've got another bunch. yup, the shopping was HEAVEN! but it's was a sight seeing 'wandering' so, we didn't really enjoy the shopping part. having said that, i did buy two pairs of leather knee length boots, a hoodie at HK HRC, a clutch, a pair of H&M retro sunnies (which unfortunately, I've accidentally sat on last week - it snapped into two! felt like wanted to cry because that was my fave sunnies :( and it ended up being shucked into the bin!)that grey cardigan i was wearing in the picture, i just love that! mcm pelakon hong kong yang mana ini? lol..

  3. The pocket mirror is cute dow..
    If I were there, oD bought 2 or 3 of it..haha.. GREEDY me..

  4. yep, they are! i bought 2. i call them 'my magic mirror' :P

  5. Dilarang bercakap dgn driver?! LOL. And I thought their signage translations got better now... Clearly, i'm wrong :)

  6. gladys, hehehe. it sure did catch my shutterbug spirits :) mangkali time mo naik ja bulih cakap dgn driver.. dalam bas nda bulih kali tu :P


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