Sunday, August 15, 2010

Glamour Puss Vs Plain Jane-esque

Vanity, women's sacred mantra.  Yes, exactly. As a woman, I myself never step out of the house without 'consulting' the mirror first! Inside my purse, there will be two mirrors! I've got my compact powder (with mirror, of course) and also a small pocket mirror, which I nicknamed as 'cermin ajaib'. Don't worry, I've never tried Snow White's evil stepmother mantras though! ;-) As vain as I can be, I'd never call myself a Glamour Puss. Well, there are times when people complimented me on my looks so I believe I'm not entirely look that dowdy :P but Glamour Puss, now that's quite a distant from the horizon..

So, inspired by Teri Hatcher's post on her Twitter (she posted a series of her barefaced pictures, wrinkles and stripped out of make-up ) to broadcast to the whole world about her supposedly being 'botox-free' and embracing her looks, I'm gonna do the same.  So, it'll will be a picture of  WITH/WITHOUT MAKE-UP.

Getting dolled-up for the recent H-Artistry event in KK.   

tan, chubby and nursing a nasty hangover..

This is how I looked like, make-upless after a tequila-filled night outing (the morning after)!

Uggh, not favouring those nasty baggies!

the two self-cam pictures: I took it during my mandi sungai sessions @ my kampung a week ago and please, I ain't trying to be the next 'do yourself some porn stuff' bimbo, ok?!

KK Waterfront, around 6.20pm, August 14th, 2010

In case you're wondering why do I looked like the distant relative of oompa loompa, that's because of the light. I sat directly under the lamp post

well, make-up does make you different from your au naturel-self, eh...

on a side note, my next project will be: posting an entry about the most familiar/infamous photograph poses, circa 80s and early 90s. LOL, that will be quite FUN!   ;-)


  1. I love you 4th and 5th photos from top..hahahahahahaha

  2. i just read an entry of similar post at amanda wong's blog. and like i commented there, i can go out bare face; no powder, no lisptick, no eye shadow. Except putting on eye liner.

    Chubbier or not, u still look lovely sans make up bah moi.

  3. Babe, you look great both with or without makeup!

  4. carol & mimi ~ thank you:) about eyeliner, yes! me too. it does give an instant lift for your eyes!! i remembered the first time I ever attempted wearing it, I've made a whole mess. now, lol..getting handy with it already :-)

  5. agree... make up makes magic but you look great with or without make up.. :)

  6. hey! just dropping by...and i cant resist to say that...i just wrote about the same topic! hehe...btw,u look great without makeup! :D

  7. Cath J, yup..absoluta mente :) thanks for the compliment!

    thanks for dropping by to my humble abode ;-)
    LOL..ok, now it's gonna be my turn to pay you a visit hmmmm ^-^


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