Monday, August 2, 2010

Ikan Bakar @ Filipino Market, Kota Kinabalu

Ikan bakar - grilled fish

Nothing is sweeter than coming back to my hometown! While I was in KL, I missed seafood quite desperately! Hah! Not kidding, cause in KL seafood is a luxury. Why? Because it's so damn expensive. Here in KK, well, it's another story. Let's not talk about that...

Now, about a couple of weeks ago, I went to the Filipino Market with my sisters and bro-in-law. They opted for bakso, while I, zoomed in straight to ikan bakar.  Visiting the ikan bakar stalls there, you'd be amazed because you've got to see rows and rows of stalls selling ikan bakar. I went crazy for sure. Crazy in didn't know what to choose,  the various offerings coupled with the tantalizing aroma and the wide open sea just under your nose can really drive you crazy!

Okay, enough with story telling, I'm gonna let the pictures do the talking! :P

yep, that's a lobster!

squids, beware for those who have excessive bodily uric acid!

are you salivating, yet?

I had this with piping hot steamed rice..alone! Yum yum...

yours truly enjoying her fill, nda tinguk kiri kanan lagi. check out the rice grain, on her right hand, barabis bah sampai nda sedar nasi melekat di tangan! LOL!

cloudy sunset @ Jesselton Point, the last stop after makan-makan :)

totally love this pic!

...and yes, I heaped on kilos since returning to KK! Chubby is the new me...tsk tsk tsk..


  1. *drool*.. terkeluar bihis sekajap... LOL! Chubby but still a cutey! Nanti saya pulang kita pigi ikan bakar moi!

  2. My mouth goes watery as I read this post, better me get some!

  3. Mi, bulih bah kalau ko! :) getting high on life here hehehe..

    rungitom, yes. You better. Well, not only in pasar filipin tapi ada juga sana anjung selera @ tg lipat :)

  4. Dan, don't tell me you've never been to the pasar malam filipin?? Yep, everytime I re-read this entry, it always make me salivating!

  5. Ive only been to that place once to find mangga manila...that time was my first (failed)pregnancy and was craving for mangga mentah. Bukan musim mangga but a friend told me I would be able to find at pasar pilipin. Dapat juga.

    Besar oh tu lobster...brapa lah like that?

  6. carol, lupa tanya pula. come to think of that, that pasar always ada mangga vani kan.. never runs out of it.


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