Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Malaysia's 53rd Independence Day..

I am feeling patriotic today...

I am truly blessed for being born a Malaysian. Peaceful country, no apparent political unrest and above all I am glad that I was born a SABAHAN, the beautiful state, beautiful culture and beautiful people :)

so, here goes my MERDEKA SHOUT to all Malaysians:

"Selamat menyambut Hari Merdeka yang ke-53. May our country be peaceful and prosperous forever. God bless Malaysians!"

Okay, on the side note, I am going for breakfast at Lido (Ngiu Chap!) shortly and continue with a picnic excursion with my sisters, cousin and bro-in-law in Moyog River Dam, Penampang. This being a Merdeka cuti, so I better spend my cuti wisely. Not just 'bikin tahi mata' at home. Doncha think so?

Til next post.. XOXO...


  1. Nice Merdeka post Ennie, simple yet very positive. malas saya baca yang lain punya, complain about the government and politic all the time...

    Have fun at Moyog & enjoy ngiu chap.. saya tidak sabar sudah mau pi makan juga ni..

  2. Mi, thank u! complaining with no positive attitude is just useless la bah kan? Apart from other issues, I am still grateful and eternally happy being born a Malaysian.
    Ngiu chap, hmmmm yummy! hehehe, next time ko d sini, pigi la makan berabis :)

  3. hi mandak..i like your blog..hihi.whole day sia baca ko punya blog (thanks ah..hilang busan sa d opis):)

  4. Patriotik buli....jgn jadi Nasionalis..

    btw, buli sya add ka FB ko? lama suda ni sya follow blog ko...:D

    jgn salah sangka ahh kalo sya minta add FB ko....balik2 ni sya kna salah kalo sya minta add FB......T_T

  5. Yen,
    thanks for dropping by and liking my humble bloggie :)

  6. alrite thanks....

    kalo kna nma request dari hoyden Innayvil, sya la tu....:D


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