Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tom Yam Udang & Meeting My Mama @ Ranau Town

So, what was I up to this week? Nothing much. The main agenda is: eating, eating and more eating! Actually, I just got back to KK approximately 3 hours ago from Ranau Town, meeting my dearest Mama :-)
Yesterday, Mama phoned me, asking me to meet her up at the town and she's bringing with her some langsat and cempedak! I was of course YAYYYYYYY, BUAH!

So, today, off I went to Ranau with my cuzzie, Dena...

the langsat & cempedak: packed inside the plastic bags! ugghhh, i told my mama: BAD FOR ENVIRONMENT!
One word to describe: SADAP, SADAP, SADAP!

On the other hand, I HAD THIS LAST SUNDAY: Tom Yam udang! Another yummy finding in KK.. :-)

four pieces of prawns! table is crappy though (but it's not dirty) its surface is just worn out...

me & my nerdy glasses, lol, that's my camouflage (make up!)

i know, the table looks kinda ugly but... are you salivating yet?
little sista, enjoying her fill and yes, the bowl was filled up to its rim!

the name of the kadai kupi. location: Sinsuran Complex, KK

Well, I dunno about other people's opinion but to me, it's yummy!

Damaged to my wallet: RM7 per bowl...


  1. ohh so this is the kedai they said in sinsuran. i have yet to try this one. selalu pigi sana wan2 or sana sansui putatan only.

  2. carol, yes, this is the kadai. yummy, i tell you :) but the tom yam is quite different because they use i dunno whether its milk or maybe it's coconut milk.

  3. the prawan one....I want it....the more i look,the more i feel hungry!
    tapau one for me!

  4. lol! well, you should go and try it. jan tinguk jak :)


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