Saturday, August 7, 2010

Post-event Review: Hennessy Artistry - The Global Art of Mixing, White Room KK Times Square

A'ight, the deadline for the review is drawing nearer! So, here goes:

I had the privilege of being invited to this event on the 31st July 2010, and..I've gotta say thank you to Helleness Chong and Jason Kong! Also, of course a big thanks to Hennessy Artistry!

Well, being warned beforehand to come early for registration (to avoid the massive human traffic) myself and cousin, Dena (she was my guest for that night)  arrived at the venue around 9.30pm.  Upon registration, we (and another group of hot ladies, presumably fellow bloggers) were ushered around by Sukie Ng, who then walked us around and did a short briefing about the event.  Unfortunately, I didn't manage to capture a photo with her because, I forgot to bring my camera as we were quite in a hurry! What a bummer, right??!  With or without camera, as what had Sukie pointed out to me: "no worry, we've got a lot of photographers here. They are more than happy and ever ready to take pictures"

Being that quite 'camwhore' person , I dragged Dena away to those waiting photographers for a lenses and flashes firing session! LOL, I've gotta tell you that for a moment, I really felt like a Hollywood Darling. Poser, poser, poser...and someone handed me a Hennessy V.S.O.P  bottle as a prop. Click..Click..Click and there I was with Dena giving our most photogenic pose to those trigger-happy Nikon DSLR totting guys! Hmmm..might I dare hope that one of those photogs will stumble upon my blog and give me a link, where I could possibly view my pictures? tsk..tsk..fat chance on that methinks :(

Hollywood Darling aside, I personally had fun at the mixing counter! We've got to mix our own drink the proper way and got a little pamphlet for the mixing recipe as a token, isn't that cool? My mix? I went for citrus (delicious!) and apple for Dena :)  It's free flow from 9.00pm til 11.00pm and crowds were already jam-packed, piling in steadily towards midnight.  The pumping mish mash of musics by the guest DJs (I have to say, HOT DJs) did live up to its promo's expectation.  Looking down from the loft to the dance floor downstairs, yooowzeerrr! What a scene, beautiful people were grooving, it almost painful to watch! LOL, a good variant of pains hehehehe...  Lordy, White Room sure does have the hottest and beautiful patygoers in town. I am not exaggerating! Don't believe me? Try White Room and you'll know what I meant *wink wink*

Overall, I believe that the event was a huge success! Kudos to the organizer for their hard works, it's totally paid off!  I believe, you had made us KKians, left for home with happy smiles plastered on our faces that night.  Hope to have more cool events in the near future though... and yes, yooohooo..people over yonder, to think that Sabahans are always presumed as living on the tree tops? tsk..tsk..

Below pictures were taken with our pitiful camera phone.  Sorry for the low quality pictures, I forgot my camera remember? :-(

 silver black and purple, that was yours truly's theme for the night :-)

..the entrance door

 striking a pose :)

my guest of that night, my hot cousin, Dena :-)

the lady at the mixing counter, she's hot!

the glossy pamphlet, a token..

my flavour of the the night...delicious!

apple for my cousin..

the other two...

Mr. Citrus & Miss Apple :)

up and above the ceiling...

late night supper, showing off my  'VIP Privilege Pass'

til next event! XOXO...


  1. Looking great moi! I wish I was around, I like organized party/event... hehehe

  2. All the hottest babes flock these great place, and guys feels like "Boom Chika Wah Wah!~" cjeckin' out the babes.

  3. talking about tthis event.. i prefer ur photo look like an artist on a red carpet.. if i was there wearing tux kan best..hahahaha

  4. mi..thanks! heheheh, maybe because of that fake eyelashes? LOL!

    rungitom, true but i believe babes also checking out the guys! ;-)

    deanona, thanks X

    AJ, I did have my pics taken on the red carpet but not with my camera! sayang kan...

  5. Wah nice purple cluth bag moi. Looking great!

  6. carol, thanks..i love it, it's actually a wrislet :)

  7. wahhh...lamanya inda nampak ko ni..:p u look great! what do u up 2 now?

  8. lamanya inda nampak ko ni..:p how r u?

  9. jonay, thanks for the compliment :) iya...mmg lama suda, tup2 ko suda jadi hubby si wiskies.. sa skrg di KK suda. anyhoo, belated congratulations :)


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