Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Day With Leonne..

Had a Sunday outing with my beautiful niece, Leonne.  Only three more days to go and she'll be turning two months old. Babies are magical wonder.  One minute, they're so tiny, so fragile like crystals and the next, wow, they grow pretty fast! She's outgrowing her stroller pretty fast too!  Leonne started smiling when she's like two weeks old and now she laughs and coos too..Sometimes, we pretend that we're ignoring her and talk among ourselves and she'll be doing her baby talks, like she's protesting to mommy for ignoring her!

Here how she looks now:

Leonne with Mommy...

Hmmm...getting cuddles from my dotting aunt  is a bless. Can I go to sleep now?

Cuteness overload!

Other pictures will be up, soon..

to be continued.......

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