Sunday, March 20, 2011

Merry Goes Round in Shamrock Bar, KK Waterfront

Last Friday, I went to Shamrock Bar, KK Waterfront for the Merry Goes Round in March (St. Patrick's Day) with some friends and my cousin.  Because I work quite a distance from my house and also caught up in a bad jammed, it was quite late when I finally reached the party.  By then, it had already wind down but  we did manage to watch several performances (a group of dancers dancing to the tune of Lady Gaga, a band performing some kind of an Irish tune & also Shamrock's own pop band). Then, the drizzling rain came, forcing us to take cover and eventually left the place. I saw clowns in stilts crutches, trying to engage the crowd with animal shape balloons trick, girls promoter and Guinness pints totting people.

Some pictures from the party:

and that's Lady Gaga for you..

A band performing Irish tunes

Yours truly and cousin

My cousin's roommate, CC

My hot cousin.. :)

Group pictures with the girls and me making a proposal: Merry Me?

..and where did we go after that? Nowhere in particular, we just drove around the city and ended up taking vain pictures of ourselves at Signal Hill Observatory Platform KK. It was cooler and a bit windy up there during the night, especially when it just stopped raining. From the platform, you could see the winking lights and aerial view of the city at night. You could even spot the lights from the distant Gaya Island. However, it wasn't  a clear night and our camera is not sooo hi-def! Hence, the city view is barely visible in the background..

Now, for the extremely vain sets of photographs: 

the signboard and the city's map

me and cousin, goofing around in front of the platform's signboard

I think, CC was trying  her best to do the Mak Yong dance perhaps?

yessir, please take many many more vain photographs of us!

Benches are also provided

Ah, I was merely trying to model my skulls printed dress! ;-)

Yep, me - the narcissist!

..aaaand, that's all folks!


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