Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I've blogged about hairy armpit and I have to say, it had generated a mixed-reactions comments from that entry! While us, cosmo ladies shudder from the mere wisps of hairy armpit, some men (and women?) do love the au naturel look. For me, NO! I can't imagine myself wearing sleeveless clothes, proudly displaying my unruly hairy underarm to all and sundries!

Tired of scheduled waxing or DIY plucking? Why don't you try this PERMANENT underarm hair removal treatment from Bodysecrets? For more info, click on the link below and tadaaaa...hairy armpit be gone!

#MilkADeal of the day: RM39.80 instead of RM199 for PERMANENT Underarm Hair Removal Treatment from #BodySecrets .

Doesn't hurt to try, no?



  1. I say no to hairy armpit (and other areas) too. Baru sikit mau tumbuh pun sudah kena cabut, apa lagi yg panjang sudah...erghhh

  2. I'll stick to my waxing, thanks! I love waxing.. somehow the "pain" is addictive, like tattoo!

  3. It's all about personal grooming. Some people can't even be bothered about themselves which really is a shame sometimes. Great link on the hair removal site! Cheers!

  4. Carol & mimi,
    hahaha..i DIY waxed my legs and underarm before. Somehow, underarm is a bit tricky tho' so I stick to plucking. LOL, sometimes my sister yg jadi mangsa tukang pluck!

    Bro Nudist,
    Ditto on that. Do you wax?

  5. Me & my razor blade are best buddies. We go 'everywhere' LOL! But it's a bit of a hassle bcos you of the constant upkeep needed. I would love to try out waxing though, tapi in KK, di mana tempat yg recommended & would wax guys?

  6. hahaha..bro, I dunno either. Never went to any waxing salon! Brazilian wax can be quite painful for those weak-hearted people, though!

  7. If I were in KK, I'd definitely go for that permanent hair removal thingy. Have you tried it???


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