Monday, March 7, 2011

Oh..that LBD & darn those tummy rolls!

I'll be having a reunion dinner later this month and I'm still in search for an LBD!

It's kind of difficult to find, given the nature of my ever changing body! Yes, I have  weight issues. The most obvious changes are my boobs, my belly and my arms.  I have no problem with my thighs though! I've been doing the "thi-xercise", you know, the ones involving you leaning against the wall, both hands on your side, knees bended at 90 degrees angle and you have to hold your breath and counts 30 seconds before releasing your breath. Yep, I've been doing that and I have to say that it works for me, a bit!  My trousers and jeans feel noticeably loose. Now, the problem is about my 'batt wings' and 'tummy rolls!'  I've been doing sit ups and from what I see, only the upper part of my belly is responding. The lower part, no major changes there. Gawd..I still have 'tummy rolls'! Plus, I need to change my bra size! They are fast becoming like some strangling contraptions! I can barely squeeze myself inside my work clothes.  I've got several shirts, sitting in the forgotten corner of my closet because I can't button them together!

Now, back to LBD.. I've been trying some shops in KK lately but failed miserably! Some are perfect, the sizes and the cuttings are perfect BUT my tummy rolls were practically hanging out! To make it worst, most dresses are practically made for Giselle Bunchens and Naomi Campbells of the world! Where does that leave us? I think maybe we, mere women, need to take tailoring and clothes making courses! That way, we just buy the materials and make it according to our sizes! Won't that beat them all.. hahahaha.. yes, I'm laughing to my own joke. So what?

So far, I haven't find that elusive LBD.  I don't know. Shall I recycle my old favourite dress? There's one, which I have bought when I was a bit  montel two years back.  I think I might still be able to squeeze myself inside the dress.  The silver and black colors are perfect for any occasion, the cut and the style is timeless (in which one more year from now, I don't think the dress will fit my ever increasing weights!)

Or...I'm thinking of tiered LBD. It will be a perfect instrument to disguise my tummy rolls! Then again, I don't want to look like a black Christmas tree or someone from the Addams Family Clan! Maybe something similar like this?:

I don't know. I might have to scout all over the shops around the city for that almost perfect LBD! Now, how to accessorize your LBD? I think I need some bright colors.  You're not attending a funeral, so a dash of colors should be great. Bright colored shoes and clutch, funky necklace and bangles, minimal make-up and  red hot lips..I think that might do the trick.. :)

In the meantimes, the search continues..


  1. Have fun searching! When I was back in KK, I'd always go to this tailor aunty at Wisma Merdeka and had her make a dress or two for me "just like in the magazine".. She's very good!

  2. I love the boobs part... are they 36B now?

  3. Moi,
    what's the name of the shop? Maybe I'll go and check it out.. :)

    not to that extend la..

  4. I also wana know where is this tailor aunty in Wisma Merdeka..with my kid bro's wdg getting nearer...i need a really good tailor to make my dresses for that occasion.

    Good luck in finding the perfect LBD moi!

  5. carol, yep. I'd be on a mission this weekend. Again!

  6. The LBD in the pic is nice (right). Can't wait to see what you've chosen :)


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