Monday, September 12, 2011

Lordy, what the hell is she wearing?


I know that showbiz is a cruel and cut throat business. You have to challenge yourself constantly in the pitch to square off with others but for the love of god, what in the world are you wearing?!

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..a denim cut off
..a tuxedo
..a sexy hold up (paired with a denim cut off?, I think Daisy Duke will cry and even Erin Brokovich will cringe!)
..ugly, chunky black patent shoes (again paired off with denim cut off/sexy hold up, uh huh, NO GOOD!)

When I look at garter belts, I'm more inclined to think of hot sex/date, slinky/gorgeous/sexy/elegant dresses and skirts, beneath wedding dresses, sexy heels but NOT denim cut off with ugly chunky shoes! Never in a million years will I ever abuse it with some dreadful combo!

Hmm, she's clearly trying too hard to be a good girl gone bad..

RiRi, is it so hard to be creative, naughty and classy?  You don't need to compete with Lady Gaga, your loyal fans won't leave you. Don't tire yourself out and don't tire people out with this good girl gone bad of yours.

Missing her Pon De Replay/Umbrella days..


  1. Hehehe...I guess she wasn't thinking. Sia rasa Barbie saja can pull this off :P

  2. Maybe she was such in a hurry, put on clothes randomly and never bothered to check her appearances! atau dia mau jadi yg terpelik, pelik dari Lady GagGag!


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