Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thank You, Breeze Magazine!


Thank you, Breeze Magazine for 'bestowing' me the free GSC Complimentary movie pass! My comment was featured in the mag's Sept issue  "Movies in the Cinema - Reader's Pick" section. *singing tra..la..la..*

Here's a snapshot of the mag:

My winning comment: "Johnny English Reborn - Rowan Atkinson in classic red engine rouge! Arming himself to the lips with Chanel? Or is it Rimmel?"

Lol, maybe my winning was attributed to the funny part of my commentary. Again, thanks to Breeze Mag Team! Keep rocking with the good stuff, guys! :)


  1. wah, jadi free ticket pigi watch movie lah ni moi? how nice!

  2. carol,
    iya.. tapi sa bulum p redeem lagi. teda masa mau p opis dorg sana sembulan.


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