Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sumandak and her pantyhose

..well, i believe, OL (office ladies) are pretty fond of this particular item of women's clothing. Me, i wear them everyday to work. It gives (lol..) your gams a nice silhouette and best of all, kalau ada parut2 yg hodoh (tak kira la besar 5, 10, 20, 50 sen ka) semua tanggung beres kalau pakai pantyhose hehehehe :P and i think, guys also curik2 jeling if they see ladies wearing pantyhose.

but main reason for wearing pantyhose is because, mau cover my ankle tats bah! after all, i'm working in "a bit of a conservative environment" and tats i think, is clearly prohibited. well, at least not visible. however, mine is in my ankle. it's clearly visible! So, I have to wear pantyhose or tights. The downside is, i have to get  new pairs like every two three days cause they always ripped off! no idea on how they ended up like that. I'd only realized that after work!

lol, now i have quite a selection of colors. Grey, black, brown, nude n lumionous (my favourite ones), navy blue etc. the only thing i don't have is fishnet stockings. Hah, if i wear that, i'm pretty sure that i'd scandalized myself even further!! Let me tell you,  the women in my office either wear baju kurung, batik or slack with looooong jubah. i'm the only who wears shirt/blouse and knee length skirts. so, you can say that i'm an oddball among them normal colleagues...not to mention the only Sabahan :)

...ok, i've thrashed another pair yesterday. so, i think am gonna head off to the nearest shopping mall and get myself maybe a dozen more? tsk tsk tsk...


  1. Wow I would like a piece of your ripped pantyhose. Haha

  2. aish...what would you do with ripped pantyhose? cleaning rags? :P

  3. Hi sumandak talawa, i am from kk too, also wear pantyhose to work everyday eventhough super hot here, how are you?

  4. hi sumandak, did you ever saw a men wear pantyhose in kk??? and do you know that some gentlemen did wear pantyhose in around kk..?? what is your comment about it...??? i would like to hear from you... thank you in advance....


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