Friday, May 15, 2009

The Table Has Been Turned..

...on against "mr. houdini"

yes, I am being cruel and YES, I AM BEING A BITCH! mind you, not a bitch in the heat okay?! the last straw came when "mr. houdini" pretended to forget to wish me happy birthday and happy valentine's day. i mean, what kind of a boyfriend who totally left his girlfriend alone on her birthday and valentine's day by herself?? well, his disappearing acts is legendary..

so, imagine my dismayed when 2 months later he casually appeared in front of me and pretended that everything is sunny and bright and i would willingly open up my arms widely to welcome him back! Sorry, it's too late now. You're not welcome in my world anymore. Your magic tricks have ran out of their course. They have lost their appeal. You're regretting it now, but i am relieved to know that i am not in love with you anymore, not now, not ever! You're asking for another chance but NO, no more. We're finished, finito, pause, full stop, gone baby gone. you are a history that needs to be tightly locked up in a pyramid-like tomb. You're like "If only i could turn back time, i wish to be a better boyfriend for you" but let me refresh your memory. I've given you chances to "turn back time" repeatedly but you failed yourself and you failed our relationship. Well, this time around, ADIOS....and if you happen to stumble upon this blog, i hereby announce to you again (aside from my last "i'm breaking up with you" text message):

"No Hard Feelings But You've Been Dumped"

i've finally bid goodbye to an emotionally draining relationship and boy, the feeling is divine :)


  1. Woi...ganas you moi... but bagus la juga kalau kau buang someone yg teda guna...not worth your time juga..kasih sakit hati ja ni..

  2. mmg, adakalanya we have to be cruel. asam garam dunia la bah ni kan. mmg sakit hati. that's why, i rather be single drpd makan hati.

  3. yaa.. ganas ni.. takut sya baca :)


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