Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ya Taaa! ( I did it..! )

Yep, I did it!

..what did I do? no, it's not about what i've done. I'm refering to my previous entry 'The Hitler Interviewers"

Yes, i got the job. in fact, last monday was my first day reporting to work. so far, it looks promising. I've got great colleagues and my lady boss appears to be okay (but i'll leave a blank spot to be filled in on this one. it's too early to speculate!)

lol, everyone says "meet our new team, the one who came from Sabah" followed by a collective statements of "ooooh, patutlah, that accent" (again...i've been hearing this for the last 4 1/2 yrs! and yes, by the end of this year it's gonna be my 5th yr in KL) quite an accomplishment, don't you think?

hmmm...i have a sense of contentment whenever i hear the statement "oh, that accent"
in my own interpretation, it's translated as "you're unique" and yeah, Sabahans are truly unique people. It's an undisputable fact :)

workwise? am liking it here...


  1. congrats and good luck with ur new job...err...

  2. Enjoying life di Sana?? Ba good luck to you with your new job moi!

  3. kata enjoying life tidak la juga talampau happening. but at least, sia rasa lapang sikit hati/pikiran :)


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