Thursday, March 18, 2010

A tale of two people and a bench..

I don't get these women. This afternoon,  I was waiting for the bus to come when I saw these two, yip-yapping happily and loudly with no apparent care of their surrounding. They're standing up while their things, dengan selambanya 'languishing' on the bench! Hello?! Benches are there for people to sit on, you plunk your butts on top of it, NOT letting your things occupy it while others are standing up, being robbed out of their seats!!

I whipped out my mobile and snapped a couple of pictures of these two inconsiderate culprits. A lady standing next to me (she was obviously fuming, giving the barang-barang  an evil eye) glanced at me with her raised left eyebrow.

Mr. Bench: two, git your big ass over here la..otherwise, scat and let others sit!

Mr. Bench:
No? Obviously, you two are a pair of ill-mannered person.

Hish.. geram betul dengan orang jenis macam ni! These two need to learn a thing or two about proper ettiquette.


  1. yep! really inconsiderate. siuk2 jak dorang letak barang2 dorang di bench. maka org lain nda dapat duduk. tsk..tsk..tsk! nda tau la, tubal ka apa jenis org mcm ni.

  2. Ahhh..This specie can be found abundant at bus stands, on the monorail and even in church! SO selfish & inconsiderate! I think you're right, it's the TUBAL SPECIE :)

  3. Lizeewong,
    ya. TUBAL will be the right word to describe them.

    mmg kin panas!

    ini la ceritera manusia2 kota.

  4. I got an idea, put a "FAIL" caption in that pic and post it on XD

  5. hmmm? ada pula website mcm tu ah? good idea :)

  6. Its been there since the dawn of interwebs lol. Nice site for me to get some good lolz

  7. hahaha..i shall pay the website a visit. sa pun mo tinguk apa benda yg urang pigi post di sana

  8. Omigosh! that's annoying! seriously annoying ill-mannered ppl..
    Good thing you took those bastards' pic..

  9. Dee, ya. really nonsense kan. you don't want to sit down, let others have the seat la kan! ntah la, otak letak di lutut kali tu.

  10. I'd probably take the bag and put it on the floor and sit on the bench or get someone else to sit like an old or pregnant person..

    People like this are so uncivilized that it's no use trying to be nice to.

  11. this scenario happens all the time..stupid Malaysian. paling best kan, kalau kita duduk sebelah diarang(tiada beg diarang la) kan, these kind of ppl will look at us one kind, as if they own the bench. Loathe this type of ppl.

  12. Dee, betul tu. Semalam pun sa jumpa lagi satu incident yg bikin panas ni. imagine, they're in KLIA, i caught two litter bugs throwing their food wrapper carelessly to the empty chair, next to them. Of all places, the did this in KLIA, entry point of the country! i will post their picture later! this is litterbug vs shutterbug *evil laughs*


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