Tuesday, March 30, 2010


well, post interview, let the pictures do the talking.  it's laden with 'heart-attack' indulgence, plus a serving of my relatives' pictures. kunun..

baikut, hokkien mien (with crispy pork skin), a bucket of beer and a bottle of guinness = recipe for beer gut!

one of the famous kadai kupi@ Happy Garden, Luyang. only opens at night tho'. this kadai is within walking distance from my sister's house. how convenience!

the famous pau shop in Damai, Luyang.  I hantam-ed 4 pieces, consisted of su nyuk, charsiew, tausa & chicken! thunder thighs & expanding waistline's best friend. gawd, no wonder my jeans is bursting!

it's 10.00pm and I was still stuffing myself with woh ti, beef/lamb satay, char kuey tiaw & roti kawin! yes, it's a bloody gluttony! another cm on the waistline, damn!

one of the best roti that  i've ever tasted! this kopitiam in Damai (Fook Yen) sells this addictive roti! people come in droves to this particular kopitiam because of this! believe it or not, after 'membelasah' the roti, customers still can be seen tapau-ing the roti!

...and they come in generous slices! fluffy and thick, definitely a good worth for your money :)

ummmdon't get distracted by my baggy eyes, look at those roti! you can't see my mouth and the tip of my chin. that's how thick they are!

veggies and beef noodles. the chilli and the clear soup  are the real killer! i died and gone to heaven! can't remember the shop's name but it's in Damai Point, Luyang, next to the little Tobacco Shop.

additional info: Luyang is one of the best cari makan places in KK.  Damai Plaza/Damai Point in particular are teeming with people with 'gluttony' agendas. however, most of the food establishments serve non-halal variants. this is where travel & tours companies normally bring tourists (esp those from hong kong, taiwan & mainland china) for makan-makan. craving for your java? don't worry, you can find Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Olde Town Station here. Steaks and grilled? just head up to Upperstar. there's also korean and japanese restaurants. you can also find the local favourite, YoYo Cafe!

and now, the 'I Am Vain' moment:

l-r: sis timie (our adopted sister), my cuzzie Dena (yes, she's married with an adorable daughter) sis wean (taken also) and yours truly! 

goofing around with a stick of cigar! 

me and cuzzie momentarily forgot about the heavenly soto (on the table) and bullied my brother-in-law to be the shutterbug. LOL! on other note, Happy Restaurant in Asia City, KK serves lip-smacking soto and bakso! they have another branch in Sinsuran Complex. 

shiny faces, no thanks to the sweltering heat!

me and cuzzie, pose yang inda menjadi!

yes, our secret fantasy of becoming  Unduk Ngadau nga inda kesampaian. kasian!

that's all folks! XOXO..


  1. That bread is huge o_O

    I want some of that

  2. I miss ALL the yummy food! Esp the wo-te n roti kawin Sob sob sob

  3. Gitom, yes, they're huge!

    Lizee, indeed! i missed all those! 3 and half days in town, indulged myself in gluttony!

  4. Yummy! I gained 2 kgs when I was back in KK recently.. Sayang tidak terjumpa moi.. I guess next time ja lah ah..

  5. Mi, ya. next time la kita jumpa :) i don't know how many kg's i've gained. i wasn't this chubby last year but now..adooiii! i need to seriously watch what i'm shoving down my throat!

  6. yep, indeed they are yummy! i hope i won't be turning into a 'doraemon' once i'm back in KK for good! god forbids!


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