Friday, March 5, 2010

Nosey Business

Apparently, the shape of your nose reveals your human traits. This according to a computer software, PhotoFace which puts human nose into 6 categories. This software is said to be highly effective in tracking down terrorists, illegal immigrants, fraudsters and identity thieves: by scanning their noses.

(Images and descriptions courtesy of Daily Mail UK)

1. Turned up

What it looks like: Imagine the shape of the ski jump at the Winter Olympics — it’s a long, curved, almost-concave slope with a slight upward peak at the tip.

What it says about you: cutesy uppy-nose types are often kind, optimistic and nurturing in personality with bags of enthusiasm, a strong sense of support for friends and family. Oh, and a sexually adventurous side too.

2. Roman

What it looks like: This nose has a small bump protruding out, about halfway down the ridge. It points downwards at the tip, but not quite as much as the hawkshaped nose.
What it says about you: This signals a strong personality — but not always an impulsive one. They are very good at rallying people to take action, often very influential and carefully measured.

3. Greek

What it looks like: A long, straight and rather strong nose shape. If you look at the angle between the nose tip and the groove above your top lip, it should be about 80 degrees, almost a right angle.

What it says about you: These are grafters, efficient, hard-working, matter-of-fact sorts of people who keep their emotions close to their chests and can be difficult to fathom. You’ll want to be around them in a crisis.

4. Hawk

What it looks like: This type of nose has a deep hook at the tip, pointing downwards towards your lip. The shape of the ridge is often curved.

What it says about you: Out of the six types of nose personality, these are least likely to care what others think of them. They don’t seek approval, are often rebellious and are most happy when pursuing their own goals.

5. Snub

What it looks like: This is a short, small nose that doesn’t usually protrude to any great extent in any particular direction.

What it says about you: People with this type of nose are often quick-witted and more street-wise than your average person. They react quickly — sometimes too quickly, which can sometimes lead to aggression.

6. Nubian

What it looks like: Short and wide, not as protruding as the other shapes and quite an uncommon shape among European noses. It’s common among certain ethnic groups.

What it says about you: This nose type is said to reflect creativity and passion. Its wearers are often charismatic,which draws people to them.

So, people,  what nosey business are you? Me, i need to consult my old trusty magic mirror. I think I'm a cross between  number 5 and 6. I think...? eh..dunno la..


  1. I has Nubian nose kekeke... I think

  2. Aiyoo.. i tidak pandai tingu ooo. Where's the option for hidung kemek? XD

  3. hmm.. i guess i belong to number 1 group.

    *sexually adventurous side*
    miahaha~!! =))

  4. LOL, gladys!

    i selca-ed (self-cam) sa punya muka dari pandangan siring and compared it to the images, hehehehe..mine is nubian pula. creativity and passion ^-^
    that ethnic part is rather correct

  5. @TheWanderingSumandak: creativity come and go, this year I need it back permanently

  6. Gitom, quite true. i myself is not that artsy.


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