Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A short trip to KK (Prologue of my impending return)

..for a job interview and it is nerve-wrecking.  It dawns on me that this coming interview is making me more nervous compared to the last one (that interview landed me my current job)! I actually applied for this long before my current job and it finally took them over a year to respond.  I initially thought that my application was simply unsuccessful, shucked aside. It was quite a pleasant surprise when I received a call for an interview.  Even sweeter is the fact that, the office location is in KK. Triple sweeter that I'd be moving back to KK for good at the end of May this year.  In short, yes, I need this as a stepping stone to inch my way back to my old life. Hometown and families, the familiar surroundings - where my tongue doesn't get tangled up speaking languages for the benefit of others (that's my way of saying KL) because they don't understand Sabahan slang! It's time to untangle my poor, heavily abused  tongue, so to speak! ^-^

Back to the job interview, I asked the officer why did it take them  nearly a whole year responding to applicants. His answer was: there were about 800+ hopeful applicants and it took them quite a while to shortlist candidates with the most potential. From that 800+, they cut it down to 15 candidates. Out of the 15, my name was on the list (thank god, for that!) Of course I hope that I'd get the post but if not, it's okay. I can still apply for another, right? I hope that on that day (25th March 2010, 9.00am) I'd be able to do my best and convince the employer-to-be that I'm qualified for the job.

Well, I'd be stepping onto my beloved soil, tomorrow night around 9ish! Am feeling antsy.. *smacks head* OWH! bulum packing barang lagi. Job portofolio pun bulum susun lagi dalam folder..tsk tsk tsk..adedei, lampu bilik pun tiba2 kaput, either the starter or the bulb yang rusak. Blinking2, sakit mata sia. Bisuk saja la packing.

May lady luck is on my side..


  1. This is exciting news! You must think I'm nuts for being excited over YOUR job interview hehehe..Just can't help it.

    Anyway, ALL THE BEST mandak! Keep us updated :)

  2. best of luck!
    im sure you'd be able to pull a great impression to them.

  3. lizeewong, thanks for being excited on my behalf :) that's sweet of you!

    carol, hahaha..i hope so.

    dan, gracias mucho!


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