Thursday, March 25, 2010

The War Has Ended...

which had practically left us (the candidates) in a roll! those interviewers played the "good interviewer, bad interviewer" interrogation game. i don't even know if they really read our resumes. one of them repeatedly asked me when did i obtain my degree, which year, majoring in what. Gosh, it's all stated in my resume, and what degree was he talking about? I politely pointed out to him:

"i'm sorry, sir but i don't have a degree cert. i only have a diploma cert. i majored in office management and technology, it's all stated in my job portfolio. I too have brought samples of paper works of two important events that i was involved with. for these two events, i was pretty much involved from the beginning til the end.' . then he flipped through my job portfolio folder and said "ohhh, ya pula" OK, this is really bad of me but i need to give him a nickname: " interviewer fuhrer!"

the other two were okay. they just 'menyampuk' once in a while but that "interviewer fuhrer" made me stewing silently inside but out front, i just answered and smiled. no wonder, all candidates made their exit from that 'war zone' with some kind of dazed and confused expressions! i thought i was the only one yang kena, the one after me also kena! hah..i think the fuhrer did it deliberately to gauge our response and how to handle a negative situation which practically attacks our self-confident and our negotiating stratagem when dealing with crisis. I think so la..

so, after all that, sa pun terus bawa diri pigi 'sintopoin' jalan2.  i ended up entering 4 different kadai kasut and looookkkeee what i found? i consoled my stewing-self with a pair of gorgeous heels in Vincci!

take a look at those killer heels:

these two really make me like hugging them to sleep tonight!


  1. Mein Fuhrer?

    That heels are a killer, in style~

  2. oh man! that pair is oh so gorgeous. sure can heal one's stewing heart in an instant hehehe...i know i will.

  3. Hehehe...I'm sure you did awesome. Fingers, legs..everything crossed :)

    And those heels!!! Ahh...they are the sweetest reward a girl could ever want after goin thru an interview like that...:)

  4. Uh! Oh!, me pla yg mo pg interview..huhu..
    Thanks for I know what I should do if that kind of thing happen.

  5. Effin' GORGEOUS!!!!!
    how much is that?

  6. Effin' GORGEOUS!!!!!
    how much is that?

  7. carol, hehehehe ^-^

    lizee, yep. i did my best. now waiting for the outcome.

    bella, good luck! and hunting is one of the best therapy for me :P

    Dee, yes they are! it's like they possessed some kind of a magnet. I spotted them instantly the moment i entered the shop! it's RM109 but down to 87 bucks after discount! heheheh..plan to wear the 'lovingly' at our office dinner function next week:P


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