Sunday, April 4, 2010

Meor The Busker

I came across with this lone busker in KL Sentral today. Belting the Beatles' Let It Be in tandem with the almost deafening noise, made by the TM's crews (there was some kind of event, not too sure what cause I didn't bother to check), he strummed his guitar and continued doing his craft. I stood for a while, listening, and I find myself enjoying it. Every now and then, some passersby would stopped and dropped their tokens of appreciation. When he finished with his Let It Be song, I approached his opened guitar case and dropped mine. I couldn't stop myself from asking how long has he been doing this busker thingy  and his answer was, "quite some time now" He's not merely busking, I saw several  CD's inside the opened guitar case, and they were all his albums. I even saw a newspaper clipping about him. He told me that the KL Sentral management is allowing him to do his busking every Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

I asked for his permission to snap a couple of his photos. His name is  Meor. I Googled him, and it turned out that he blogs too at

to this tireless busker, good luck!


  1. A great one, hope he would be an awesome one someday ;)

  2. hehe..saw him every week at KLSentral..managed to listen to him only a few seconds because of catching up the tren.. hee.. he's good tho.

  3. oh, you did see him? :) this man is even has his own clip video at youtube.

  4. Video for Meor's latest album Dari Rakyat Untuk Rakyat:


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