Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gaga the scarecrow..

what does the oddball and eccentric lady gaga and the scarecrow have in common?

well, put them side by side together and they'll scare the crows away! the famously 'brit's humor' has certainly livens up to its name! a british farmer apparently had come out with a 7ft gaga scarecrow after watching gaga's bizzare red carpet outfit during last tuesday's brit awards. after failing to drive out the crows in his farm despite numerous trials, he resorted to erect the gaga scarecrow in his field. amazingly, it worked like a miracle. the crows no longer 'terrorized' his corn crops!

the farmer, mr. nigel britten posing with his gaga scarecrow!

the celebrity gaga scarecrow, uh...literally. it got featured in the uk's famous online mag ya'know!

...i say, try putting a real lady gaga running around in the field,  it'll definitely double the effect!


  1. LOL!

    I'll ask my uncle put this in his tagad next season XD

    Malam2 like hantu pocong oo ni kan?

  2. hahahaahaha! kasi taruh banyak2. misti itu pirit2 semua nda berani pigi makan padi!

    yup, i think if i stumble upon this scarecrow in the field at night, i'd definitely be spooked!

  3. Gaa Gaa Rom Baa Baa, I'm in ur farm, lookin'like a Scarecrow... How about a GaGa Scarecrow that actually sings~, triple the effect LOL

  4. that would be like watching the horror movie "Messengers 2 - The Scarecrow" i hope it won't starts belting out "papa..papaaaaaaziiii" song! it sure gonna quadruple the effect. :D


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