Monday, July 25, 2011

Adieu, Ms. Winehouse

Utter shock!

At a young age of 27, one of the most talented and gifted singer of her generation was found dead in her North London flat, suspected of lethal coctail of drug overdose and alcohol binge. Her turbulent life was widely followed by the vulture-hungry medias and gleefully aired to her anti-fans and adoring fans alike. To me, she might had her own personal demons to battle with but she's extremely one talented singer.  Her raspy and soulful voice was her USP.  Following her death, the sales of her records have been soaring up and mourners left flowers and other tributes outside her London flat.

Amy Winehouse, died at 27, like the other '27 Club' of musicians who died at that age (Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Janis Choplin & Rolling Stone's Brian Jones) left a legacy of her own - tragic death, too soon, too talented and too young to die. May her soul rest in peace..


  1. she finally destroyed by drugs and poor she...

    may god blessing her..=)

  2. Yes, and Bruno Mars would be another contender if he doesn't stop his drugs addiction! Hope he'll be able to see his first sunrise by the time he's turning 27..


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