Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm enniebelle

I call this: the 'enniebelle's stance'!

Well, I guess a week notice is ok.

As of today, I'd be no longer thewanderingsumandak but I WILL BE enniebelle

It's simple.

It's me..a belle and as a woman, I believe belle is the best word to describe my new blog title.

It has a nice ring on it.

Everybody can remember it.

So, welcome to enniebelle's  port.

Hope you'll have a nice and enjoyable moments while docking on my port.



  1. Yes, enniebelle describes you just ngam. Sweet!

  2. Nice choice of brand naming yourself. It sticks :)

  3. thank u, thank u. I think the name is simple & sweet :)

  4. Awesome! Congratulations on the new revamp of ur blog! :)

  5. Love your new blog name!

    'enniebelle' sounds so you.. ;-D

  6. Annie, thanks.
    I was toying between ennieland or enniebelle but in the end I've got vote of confidence from my sis/cousin. They said: kasi la Enniebelle. syok jak meluncur di lidah..


  7. Yup. I like it too. Mcm character in a fairy tale. :)


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