Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bad Week


This week is definitely not a good week for me. I've been sick since last Sunday. My throat is burning and am coughing blood (don't worry, not so much blood. most definitely ulcer), my head is aching and I've been suffering from hot and cold fever and also vomitting.

On Monday morning, I dragged myself to the nearby clinic and the doctor gave me about 5 type of medications! Aduiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii........i'm not a fan of medicine, any medicines! I had about 1 day MC and the next day (Tuesday) I forced myself to work, I had to! Thinking about the mountainous works, uh huh...not a good picture at all. I can't afford to take a loooong 'cuti' because I have 4 ppl depending on me. Yeah, i'm a secretary to 4 different bosses! Now, how crazy is that? Believe me, I'm not joking....hence, the neverending workloads!

Yesterday after lunch, I emptied my gut down the toilet bowl. So, I was left with an empty belly and a raw throat, and of course with a very very bad aftertaste!

Today, I am still having a fever but thankfully my headache is ok a bit. My throat? It's far from okay :-(


  1. musim kali ni kan..ramai yg sakit mcm tu..

  2. iya la tu kali...mimang sansara ba ni tapi pigiii juga kerja.

  3. aduhh... kesian kau ah...
    bah...relax betul2. makan ubat...
    u take care ok.
    i know how secretary's wife the same. so gila penat one. so u be good ok. :)


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