Friday, June 1, 2007

Why do GF's / wives always trying to fix their men?

Apparently, this is one of the biggest mystery that my male friends wanted to 'kaow tim' with. Honestly, my standard answer would be:

"Ooo ye fair knight, it is time for you to throw down the gauntlet"

hahaha....women are mysterious creatures. You can't never understand them. You might want to spend the rest of your life trying to figure out women but at the end of the day...when you're like: "Eureka! I've found the answer..." Well, hold your horses laddie, cause your answer will reach another big, chunky stumbling block!

I remember a Malay idiom "gali lubang, tutup lubang" (English intreptation: someone who digs holes on dirt ground hoping to close the previous ones he made) well, I don't know if I translated it correcty. If not, then tolong terjemahkan utk I...hehehehehe, my engrund is very the terrrrible one..

What I'm trying to say here is, it's like being trapped in a maze. You're desperately seeking your way out of the damn maze and when you've finally found an opening, you race to it excitedly but upon reaching it...alamak, another dead end!

But hoh, I think not all women are like that. Well, maybe some of them are trying to 'fix' their men for the better according to their standard and in the 'fix-you-up' process they didn't realize that they might have taken the wrong method/approach. Words of advice to ladies, don't be a radio buruk. Don't be a "miss-know-it-al". Don't compare your man with other men. Nanti bf/laki you lari, hah...yang tinggal you sendiri yang tergigit-gigit jari. Time tu menyesal pun tak guna. Apa nak buat cik oiiiiii...cempedak dah jadi nangka :-D

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  1. muahaha..

    "R U kiddin'..i'm not a baker!"..hehe is true. Don't fix man..that also goes to not fix their girl/girls..hehe Coz by the time goes by, your partner will change him/her+self to fit with u...


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