Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I've got a secret admirer?????

Wahliaoeh....early morning of Tuesday, the receiptionist in my office buzzed me, informing that there's a parcel for me. I was puzzled, because ah, I wasn't expecting anything, nor does my boss.

when I went to the reception area, issshhh, ingatkan parcel apa. Turned out, someone sent me flowers and a teddy bear. Aikkkk....I was wondering, mamat mana lak yang hantar bunga dan teddy bear kat aku ni. Hmmmm....kalau mamat tu bukan stalker, then it's allright I guess. But if he is some kind of psychopath, mati aku!

That whole day ah, my office colleagues were teasing me about the flowers.


  1. i'm sorry to say... it wasn't me..

    ceh.. melepas aku..

  2. Des, no need sending flowers and gifts lah. We go Pelita, then kira ok ler tu...

  3. drop me mail at myjusdy[at]

    p/s: its not me :P


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