Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Cili Padi

Hmmmm....I have been looking high and dry for the real cili padi (in Sabah, you can find it anywhere in supermarkets / markets) in KL to no avail.

There are noticeable differences between Sabah's cili padi and KL's. For a clearer picture, here goes:

Sabah's Cili Padi:

* smaller in shape

* very very spicy

KL's cili padi:

* larger/ longer in shape

* less spicy (according to my tastebudlah)

Can see the difference now?


  1. Wow, I learned something new today. :-)

  2. well, i knew that already. only have to look at you la... hahaha..

  3. whoah! am i a cili padi? not really sure about that. I'm a dwarf allright :-)

  4. Agree with u sumandak.. Di WM ni susa mo cari cili padi mcm tu yg kita panggil lada kalo d Sabah...

  5. yg kecil to cili burung bah...


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