Monday, June 11, 2007

Saturday night escapade


Saturday night, me and the girls decided to group out at UC, PJ Hilton. Coincidently, one of our batang frens was celebrating his birthday. Ok, actually we were invited to his birthday party . By 10.30pm, me and the girls were already there while the batangs group was still cruising the highway all the way from Seremban. They reached UC approximately at 11.15pm.

*sigh again*

We were kinda hoping for a more lively music that night but don't know lah. The band, who is currently performing there macam kurang rempah. I think they're pinoys. If i'm not mistaken, they are going by the name of The Blocks (or something) Ok, sure they are good musicians but their choices of songs that night was a bit boring. My group agreed that the performance is like, I don't know, let's just say that if Simon Cowell were there..he'd say something like 'booooring'

Yup, the music might be boring but I think the night progressed quite well. Let's see if I can recall anything.

Hmmmm....I think I had a short trip to the beach and made wild sex, twice! While I'm on it, Johnnie walked in holdings a tray of tequila shots. Then, Mr. Carlsberg decided to join and said "hey, wanna do foursome?"


2am something, we cabuted from the place and continued to go karaoke in Bangsar. Hmmmm...I bumped into a very cute guy (I've met him a couple of times at the same place). So, he said "hey girl, nice to see you again. Why don't you get your ass over here and join us?"

so off I went to his table (he's at the public lounge with another good looking batang) and said, "Well, thanks for noticing my fine ass and heck, I think I might just do that"

There i was with two jugs of beer sitting on the table and two lengchais while the rest of my partners in crime were honing their singing skills amidst slurred words and off key singings (they're quite wasted) inside VIP room No. IV.

4.00am, my group left and headed straight to the mamak restaurant nearby. I reached my house around 5am something, washed my face, undressed and fell flat to my nose into my bed and woke up around 2pm the next day with a nasty hangover.

Foursome and hangover, whew...what a way to spend a weekend!


  1. hahaha...we go for orgy lah. Nak ke tak nak? :-P

  2. Aiyooohhh! Des, here kenot tell all the juicy bits mah :-D

  3. Lai, labih kurang dua minggu yang lapas bah *lol*

  4. adedeh..bukan yg itu...yg comment u no2 itu bah...bila itu a??hahah :P

  5. iya.. :P *shy

    p/s:nice pic...on you profile..

  6. undefined: undefined

    ada lagi kaini a??hehehe

  7. ehehe...ada lg ka yg mcm ini this year??hehe


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