Monday, June 4, 2007

What if a man gets pregnant?

blardy hell...can you imagine it? Hahahaha...


  1. owhh...thats gonnaaaaa hurt a LOTT!! hahaha..1st delivery then their life ends...hahaha

    btw, i've put link your blog here

  2. Eeesh, painful! Why the heck did you put that picture into my head!

  3. *lol* Yup, it sure does! That shows how brave women are ha..ha..

  4. waaaaahhhhh...
    aduh sakitnye! OMG. juts could not believe this could happen... pray pray now it will not happen to me. isk isk isk.
    kalau twins macam bini sia? abislah...OMG.

  5. ui..papjoneh...ko dpt twins ka?? erm..apa tips ko smpai bleh dpt twins ni??hehe


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