Friday, June 8, 2007

Rainy days and Mondays always make me down...

so said The Carpenters and so do I!

I enjoy being a KLites. However, one of the main thing that I dreaded here is the torrential tropical rain. You probably woke up this morning humming 'good morning, sunshine' and hoped the rest of the day would be shining and well...just shining.

One minute you're thinking about dry spell, next thing you know...all hell breaks loose! Mother of all storms and the likes, and "hell, it's raining cats and dogs" groans. Uggghhh...i hate carrying umbrella. I'm not an umbrella person.

Yesterday, I was nearly blown over by the wind. Ok, I think my ass is not that skinny but granted, I was gripping my umbrella and being a 'dwarf' strong winds will surely lift me up and next thing we know, I'd be like 'flying without wings, no thanks to umbrella'

Well, I may not an umbrella person but Rihanna sure looks sexy and yummylicious with umbrella. This Barbados beauty can turn any unflattering umbrella as a sexy acessory :-)

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