Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

have a happy tigerish new year :)

what am i doing now? as of tonight, i'm sitting here by the pool, sipping a can of coca cola, a pack of salem menthol, tic-tac-ing my lappy's keyboard and basically whiling the hours away!

actually, one of my friends suggested us to go party but i declined. i prefer to have a quite night at home rather than being squashed in a jam-packed place! wow, there were times when the mere mention of party will squeeze the party juice flowing out off me! makin tua makin malas mau party..

well, well, a lot of people are lepaking here by the pool tonight! (so, it's not a quiet night after all) kiri kanan pun ada orang, macam2 warna lagi tu! my place is kind of a 'united nations'  of a neighborhood! and i think, i'm the only sabahan yang ikut sama melepak tonight :)

i rang up my sister and brother-in-law back home to wish them "Gong Xi Fa Chai, Ang Pow Lai Lai". lol, can you imagine an old girl like me minta angpow? so people, have a happy tigerish chinese new year. may this year brings you luck and good health.

...and remember, don't get drunk and drive :)


  1. Ah jelesnya, you have pool near your house XD

    Happy double celebrations!

  2. yes, we do :) BUT i seldom utilizing it. why? macam2 urang yg swimming di situ. it's giving me a 'yucky' feelings. manatau ada urang kurapon pun pigi terjun di sana. not to mention ada yg mungkin kancing di situ..heeeeehhhh *shudders* YUCK!


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