Thursday, February 11, 2010

Turning 30

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Ok, I’m now officially the undisputed old and unmarried daughter in my family. Scratch that, not only in my family but the entire suku sakat! Seriously, I’m not jesting! During my last visit (that would be Nov, last year) my mind was practically bruised from all the probings on ‘ bah, bila lagi turn ko ni? Masih nda ada burung2 yang besiul ka? Jangan tunggu lama2, nanti kelambatan’ and the elders were like: “atuukoi, haro no dii karait dikau? Mogihum no bo do koruhang. Alaid no di mimbujang om sukup no gia. Mogihum no la do tontok tinan. Kalanut moti’

Those were the exact words. Music to my ear? Not! Well, who can blame them? i am old hahahahaha..i’m 30! That’s the big three-oh! Luckily, my petite size disguises my exact age. Hah! Adussssss…tua suda dis.

This morning I woke up and talked to the mirror in the bathroom, and the woman on the mirror said “girl, you’re 30 today” and I was like ‘OMG!’ talking to the mirror? What a worrying symptom. Gosh, being 30 has addled my brain!

So, what would be my plan for the next 10 years? Honestly, I have no idea. That is an extremely worrying thought. Being 30 and having no plan? I’m screwed big time!

Ok, on the risk of sounding desperate, my plan for now is:

May 2010 – go back Sabah for good, and drink myself to oblivion during the Kaamatan Festival


After securing a job – FIND A BOYFRIEND! (or let him finds me?)

Gawd, great plan?? Pathetic much..

i hope when i'm old, gnarly and still single, i won't end up like this:

What a scary worst case scenario...


  1. Arrghh!~ I burned my eyes...

    anyway, just don't go rushing about it ok.

  2. nice.. but better find a good person to stay with you forever.. hehehe

  3. To hell with rushing for a groom!

    Savor the freedom of being single-and-loving it while it lasts. I believe, i'll be worth the wait ;)

    On a more cheerful note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  4. Rungitom,
    lol..i ain't rushing. que sera sera. if i am destined to be single til i die, then so be it :P

    apa yang nice? my plan or the picture? LOL!

    yup. life as a singleton has its own perks. done that bf/gf thingy and it didn't work out. thanks for the bday wishes.

  5. Happy Birthday Moi.. Hope you had a blast! I remember I celebrated mine many years ago.. It's a mixed feeling, right?

    I got married early and found out in later days that I was "too young" to get married.. After the divorce, I was free! and 4 years later, I found my true soul mate.. I wasn't even looking... Keyword: Wasn't looking..

    BTW, terlampau juga tu gambar tu.. Ish!

  6. yes, it's certainly is. very. twenties feels like a distant memory now! hah, i think i won't look for it. just let it find me..but not after i'm toothless la hehehehe

  7. your plan bah... happy birthday anyway... hehehe

  8. :P thank you. quite a simple plan but it's actually the hardest to achieve!

  9. come come, I introduce you to some nice young men when you're back here...

    Those who join our group almost always meet someone they like within a few months :D

  10. Nex,

    LOL! nice young men? how young? if they're below 26 then..i draw the line there :P

    i ain't lookin' for young boys you see..they're kind of still trying to test the water hehehehehe!

  11. me, 'young' means 32 to 40. Anything below that I put in my 'infantile' grouping...ha ha ha :P

  12. LOL! for a while there, i was kind of thinking that maybe you'd be springing young 'ciku(s) to me.



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