Saturday, February 20, 2010

Jacky the Puppy

I think he's a Jack Russell terrier..well, kind of. I'm not too sure myself but he definitely looks like a JRt. he's our Jacky, our puppy back in KK. only three months old and quite an active little doggy..that's what my elder sister told me. I haven't got the opportunity of meeting him but i'll definitely spoil him to death when i'm back! Hmmm...I shall bring him pressies :)

that's our Jacky. Cute, ain't he? Gosh, I just love doggies!


  1. over 10 years ago, i had a puppy like dat; named her Magasu.

  2. magasu? lol..what an apt name. here in KL, i really want to adopt a puppy from animal shelters but i'm living with ppl who practically shun dogs. besides, condo living is not good for dogs. they need spaces and backyard..


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