Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dear Mr. History

I know you're probably checking up my blog.

to answer your question, no, i don't hate you. hate is such a destructive thing!

i just, never think of you anymore.

i don't keep track with my past bfs (not that i have many x-bfs!)

please move on with your life..i've moved on with mine.

closed chapter remains closed chapter. our 'book' had been edited from front cover to back cover, published and it wasn't a bestseller. it's a total flop! 

please stop sending me text messages. i don't like it, nor will i ever reply your messages.

do erase my number from your contact list. 

i don't harbour any ill-feelings towards you. after all, we were once in a relationship. 

when i said 'let's break up' it meant: love don't live here anymore. 

hope you'll find whatever you're looking for, be happy.

once again, no, i don't hate you.


  1. Oh wow! To that person, I'd say move on la.. this is a very clear message already..

  2. i don't know la moi. i'm pretty much 'cruel' already dis. last time kami contact, sa suda cakap "this will be the last you ever heard from me" tapi masih lagi dia sms, missed calls sa. i even got anonymous missed calls (i dunno la, siapa) i mean, what's the use?

    for me, once you broke up with the person, there'll be no more "hi, just wanna know how you're doing".


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