Saturday, February 6, 2010


you ever heard of the London indie rock band called Athlete? I'm one of their fans.

brief facts about this awesome indie rock band:

this band is frigin' awesome but i personally think that in other part of the world, they're still relatively unknown. man, their stuffs really got me hooked. i'm a sucker for awesome rock stuffs. my music preference first and foremost has always been rock. not really into all the pop/hip hop stuff. well i could listen to them but i'm not really a hardcore fan of this type of music. i'm more to rock, r & b soul, acid jazz and country. these days, i listen to european rock bands. well, mostly.

my all time favourite from this band is their 2004/2006's Wires. take a listen to this song below. couldn't imbed the original video music though.  it can be viewed here: WIRES

shite, that was friggin' rockin'!


  1. i also love most rock band and jazz, also extreme metal musics.

  2. hehehehe..i've always been listening to rock. even when i was a small kid, my cousins in kampung played in this 'kugiran' which was always invited for small kampung gigs, you know, when there's a wedding or some menteri doing their supposedly 'mesra bersama rakyat' thingy. that was the roaring 80's and early 90's when 'rock kapak' era was still the in thing.
    ha, beside european bands, i also have the hots (hehehe) for the american band kings of leon! man..listening to them is like having an orgasm!


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