Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The downside of having males housemate

yes, it's a breach of freedom to femaleland's turf. worst still, if the male housemate is a total stranger. you don't know him from ADAM! i think almost half of my life, i spent it living with the fairer sex. my highschool days, my uni days - it's hostel, hostel and you can call it "femaleland orgasms".  throughout my whole adult life, i spent it by being ensconced in the "femaleland orgasms" (btw, i'm talking about co-habiting with females housemate, of course)

currently, i'm co-habiting with two total strangers. a malay woman and a chinaman (yes, he's from China). the atmosphere? well, beyond the occasional hi/hellos, we're pretty much aliens to each other. having a male housemate, my days of being 'comfortable in my own skin' around the house was pretty much put on the 'stop/eject' buttons. the two major hiccups are:

1. no more prancing around half-dressed/naked around the house
2. have to share the bathroom - which leads to my bathroom blues - la tortura

whereas before, dressed or naked  - the whole house is yours for the exhibition, honey!

geez, not happening at all!


  1. I don't usually go around the house half nekkid, but some of my housemates in College days only wear boxer at home XD.

    Anyway the song of the day widget overlap your blog content, can't read the whole post completely :(

  2. oh, i do that most of the time but's a forgone luxury!

    overlapping? that's strange cos from my side, it isn't.

  3. hmm..browser issue I guess...or something else. I'm using Firefox

  4. Ha! I used to share a house with 2 males before.. and spent most of my time in the room.. half naked! hehehe..

  5. hahaha! Mi, now i'm the hermit. i don't really enjoy dashing into to the bathroom fully clothed everytime i take my mandi. it's troublesome. before this, i could walk in casually half naked but now? tia bulih suda because that guy punya pintu bilik, it's directly opposite the bathroom door!

    I'm using google chrome.


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