Thursday, February 18, 2010

Simple gestures and courtesy will bring you everywhere

at least that's what i've been led to believe, and yes, i am still holding on to that value and hope to pass it down to my next generation. that's it, if i am to reproduce mini-me(s) la!

this morning, while i was on my way to work... (conversations between a cab driver and myself)

Me: good morning, i'd like to go to..

Cabbie: morning, ok. 

Me: thanks.

Several seconds passed....

Cabbie: miss, are you malaysian?

Me: ah? oh yes, i am. why?

Cabbie: oh, i thought you’re a foreigner.

Me: eh? what made you think so?  i'm malaysian, all right. i'm from Sabah.

Cabbie: oh, Sabah. no wonder. no la, just that i've been driving taxi for so long and from my personal experience, only foreigners greet me when they hail my cab. that’s why i thought you’re a foreigner. local passengers never bothered to do so. i never expected this, it’s really nice of you. i think your parents have raised you well.

Me: why, thank you. actually, sabahans are generally friendly. (yang kambang lubang idung kijap ni)

Cabbie: ya, you’re right. i heard that a lot.

Me: thanks (smiled)

it’s a good feeling when someone compliments you on your simple courtesy, and you didn’t even see it coming. you think that because it’s a daily fixtures of life, people won’t notice your simple routines but there are some, who actually noticed it. yes, it is such a good feeling indeed.

just wondering whether malaysian kl-ites are that stuck up..or maybe it's all about the 'simply can't be bothered' attitude. hmmmm...

LESSON - simple gestures & courtesy will bring you everywhere.


  1. that compliment sure will make my morning even better.

    yes, simple gestures and courtesy will make a difference.

  2. Yay for polite sabahans!
    I have thick sabah bm accent, west msians just knew where i'm from thru the first sentence utter.

    I never get to be called polite tho, maybe because i'm really not X)

  3. carol,
    yep. it did make my day. i was cheerful all through the day :)

    lol..i never considered myself as a too polite person but it's like a kind of a habit to me :)

  4. Bangga saya jadi kawan ko ni.. hehehe

    Have you ever said "Hi" when you go into a shop/boutique and all the SG did was look at you like you're a psycho? And when you are at the cashier counter, you are the first to say "thanks'? Happens to me ALL the time here!

  5. Mi,
    thank you. that's nice to hear. bingo! it's kind of funny when you utter the 'thank you' words first when you're the one who does the purchasing kan? but i too do that. regardless of who is doing the good deeds or its recipient, a thank you note is enough to leave a good impression & show your true upbringing kan.

  6. "actually, sabahans are generally friendly"

    lol klo sia, malu oh mau puji tempat sendiri cam ni.. kambang malatup nanti hidung sia..

    kudos to you for your courtesy!

  7. @ lionel - hehehehe..apa pula malu. it's a proven fact. we're known for our friendliness bah :)

  8. Good day to you Ennie! Bila mau posting lagi dalam NRT?

    Mimi-that happen to me all the time in KL.

  9. jimbeam, NRT? lol, that was like 5 centuries ago!


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