Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lunch Buffett @ Halia, Sime Darby Convention Centre

Where:  Halia Restaurant, Sime Darby Convention Centre KL
Date:  14th April 2010 (Wednesday)
What:  Boss kasi belanja makan! 
Price per head: RM37++

This is my boss punya personal thanks to all his staffs whose butts are highly 'exhausted' for the sake of the smooth running of his office (and curing his headaches, to put it bluntly).  Food selections are rather nice, I liked it. The menus are not swimming in cooking oil and they are fusions.  What I loved the most? The garlic prawn and roasted meat in rosemary sauce. Yummy!

Now for the pictures, taken with my 'lauyah' camera phone :-P campur boss punya camera

LOL, are we some sort of the restaurant's ambassadors or something?

I love the paintings!

the one at the right is my Sarawakian boss..

I was talking non-stop and suddenly the kakak stuffed my mouth with that cake

group pic before pigi serang makanan!

adedeh! quite an unflattering pic, look at my puffing cheeks!

Attacking the garlic prawns and the roasted meat!

isn't this mouth-watering or something?

finally, the desserts! banyak lagi tapi ini jak la yang bulih sia sumbat. I loved the cream puff, so yummy!

Well, we masuk balik office that day dengan perut yang mau malatup suda! Thank you, boss :)


  1. Nice boss ah... I remember when I was working dulu, my boss used to belanja us dunkin donuts on Fridays (big apple and Jco belum ada lagi tu time), and then selected people got to watch musicals, go to events, wine tasting etc etc.. I always got to go habis paling free (no family).. Syiok juga kan, to see your colleague out of the office.. We have that bonding session every week.

    BTW, I think the painting is of halia flowers la..

  2. Mi,
    ya, i think so too. wah, siuk juga jaman karaja ko ni. Yep, my boss is quite nice. he's not like other boss yang too formal and he rarely get angry/worked up. He always brings back something for everyone whenever he returns from his overseas trips. his last trip, he brought back pashmina, one for each staff but two for me hehehehe! His wife is quite nice also. She gives me ole2 whenever she accompanies my boss pigi overseas.

  3. wahhh..ur boss so good. my knnccb boss only reward me with MORE work

  4. Yes, i'm lucky to have a boss like him. But, come May, the working relationship will end.

  5. sioknya kamu...hehehe...if can tapau lg bagus kan...sambung mkn di office hihihi

  6. hahahaha...tapau? kalu di kampung bulih la mangkali men tapau2 ni kan..tapi di sini? so paiseh lah :P

  7. LOL! Iya...nanti terbeliak biji mata Bos ko kan. Hehehehe.


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